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Space Calendar 2019

Beautiful Space Art calendar made of 12 Anastasia’s paintings.

“I created this calendar so all of you can enjoy my art and get inspired by space beauty as I do during the whole year. It consists of 12 paintings that I made in 2018 mostly. Some of them are commisioned, others are exhibited. Once I had a thought why don’t make my art easy to purchase and enjoy for people all over the globe? So now we got this tradition: every year we print a new space calendar with my paintings!”

The key painting of this year is “Buranodrome”. It is the March illustration and also a cover! We all love “Buran”, after all. Learn more about this painting via this link.

Size, price and other important information:


: the illustration is A3 size, so the whole calendar is A2 in spread.

PRICE: The price for one calendar is €20 or $23. An autograph of the artist is included. If you do not want an autograph, please let us know.

LANGUAGE: Russian and English — everything is translated!

WEEK: Starts with Monday.

SPACE DATES: On every page you can learn what major space events happened this month many years ago or recently.

STANDART HOLLIDAYS: Sundays and Saturdays are marked with red. Also special Russian hollidays are marked, so you can learn when we do not work here and envy :)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: there’s a title of a painting and its short description on every page. Artist’s info is on the back.

HANG METHOD: Two corner grommets on the first page.

PLEASE NOTICE! This is the PREODER. We will print calendar in November and then send it to you.

What does the calendar look like?

Click on images to enlarge them.

Photos of the calendar:

The interesting fact about the Starman painting — it is based on the fan’s sketch. Here are some pics of work in progress, just look at this textures!

The calendar will be an adornment for every interior. Check also originals and prints you can buy 🚀