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How do I buy a print?

Prints of any size are available. Please write us and we’ll find out what you need!

What size my print can be?

All scans are high quality, and are good for large prints so we are limited only by the width of the paper or canvas roll which is 112 cm minus few centimeters for gallery stretching, if you choose canvas. Some types of paper got their size restrictions (read next section. Of course, original proportions should be and will be preserved.

What do you print on? Who makes the prints?

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Print on paper

(framed or not)

циолковский 2 б.jpg

Print on canvas

(on stretcher or without it)

Basically, there are two options for printing — on paper or on canvas. Canvas can be on stretcher and ready to hang or without it. Paper prints can be framed on demand. Paper we usually use is Fine Art Paper “Lamond” of 250 density. It has canvas texture and is ideal for canvas prints, Dut you can decide on different paper if you wish — for example, Hewlett Packard Paper that don’t have any texture at all (300 density) or Textured Art Paper Epson wihich is textured like watercolor paper. There is also an interesting variant — Fabriano Ttorchon paper (with rough texture, be careful and sure you like it), very dense paper and interesting choice, but in this case the maximum print size is 67х98 cm due to the technology.

All prints are made by my tech-director, who works also with Hermitage and other museums, he’s the master of prints, so don’t worry about the quality. He works with ink-jet printer with pigment epson ink (so it’s lux resistant), prints are also coated with varnish for better result and protection.

What about the prices?

Prices depend on the artwork you choose. The more expensive chosen artwork is, the more its print costs. Choose wisely :)

For example, signed print prices for the most expencieve painting from my colllection:

циолковский 2 б.jpg

“The Dreamer from Kaluga”

Original size: 55х75
Original price: $5000

Prints on canvas on stretcher :

калужский мечтатель размеры и цены.jpg

Prints on canvas stretchers are ready to hang — the look just like my paintings look in gallery. But you can also order canvas without wooden stretcher for cheaper shipping costs. It will arrive in tube. The print cost will be almost the same, as wooden stretchers are not very expensive.


“The Dreamer from Kaluga”

Original size: 55х75
Original price: $5000

Prints on paper:

(price without framing, frames are by individual choice)

калужский мечтатель размеры и цены (бумага).jpg
циолковский 1 б.jpg

Shipping in case of order without frame may be in tube or in hard flat shipping package. The same hard packing we will use if you decide on framed print. The price of framed print will depend of your frame choice, this should be discussed individually.


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