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November 2017 — exhibition Way to Zero-G at Planetarium №1, St. Petersburg

July–August 2017 — exhibition Way to Zero-G (Way to Zero-G series, series about Soviet astronautics, and graphics) at the creative cluster ARTMUZA, St. Petersburg

April 2017 — exhibition Way to Zero-G dedicated to Cosmonautics Day at the Loft Project ETAGI, St. Petersburg

March 2017 — exhibition at the II international forum of commercial space industry INSPACE FORUM 2017, Moscow

September–October 2016 — exhibition of sketches and paintings in the Information Centre for Nuclear Energy, St. Petersburg

July 2016Starcon-2016, exhibition of sketches from the Summer Space School, St. Petersburg

June 2016 — participation in the Summer Space School, Moscow

May 2016–Mart 2017 — exhibition in The Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (GCTC), Star City, Moscow

April 2016 — exhibition in The Cosmonaut Museum, Star City, Moscow (Cosmonautics Day celebration, exhibited with paintings of the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov)

October 2014 — special diploma from Federal State Budget Institution «Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences», for «The best graduation project in the field of the theory of the architecture», international review-competition of the best graduation projects in Architecture and Design, Baku, Azerbaijan

October 2014 — 1st-degree diploma from MOOSAO (international non-governmental organization promoting architectural education), international review-competition of the best graduation projects in Architecture and Design, Baku, Azerbaijan

June 2014 — Charcoal video, international video art festival Pop Up Kino, Berlin

February 2014 — participation in Spanish web video art project, cartoon Charcoal

2013-2014 — scholarship grant by Russian Federation Government

June 2013 — sketch contribution to the Future Europe publication — BA-Thesis of Reinhard Schmidt (Pforzheim University, Department of Design, Germany, 2013)

Summer 2013 — reality show for artists and designers in Ufa (Interior project)

December 2012 — Amsterdam Showcase, the series of works Lux in Tenebris

October 2012 — exhibition in Berlin, Factory-Art Gallery (2012 PROJECT BERLIN, the line of works Shadows

August 2012 — My Corner installation (the International Summer Academy, Salzburg, Austria; awarded with grant by Kultur Contact Austria)

April 2012 — 1st-degree certificate on the VI International Architectural Drawing Competition in Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts (Tempus Nemini work, ball-point pen)