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Anastasiia Prosochkina

Today we opened my exhibition in the Novosibirsk Planetarium - nice educational center on the hill with the great view to the city. With my irreplaceable art-director on the photo.  12 paintings will be here until August; after that there will be 9 paintings, as 3 will be moved to another exhibition.


12 paintings

Visit in working hours to explore my art and maybe to learn something from the planetarium events :)


One of the paintings you can see there. Yes, it's about Mars colonization!

As you can see, the opening went well! Talked a bit about every painting after the opening speach. Also had a small autograph session.

Also, I was invited to the local radio "Radio 54" and had fun chatted about my art and that we should all love space.


Speach under the dome

Gave a lecture for kids about "the making of" of the paintings