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"Orion. Beyond The Lunar Orbit" 101x55cm $2500

Anastasiia Prosochkina

101x55 cm, acrylic on canvas

2035. Souls of the space conquerors of the past century are standing near the descent stage of the Apollo Lunar Module and observing how their courageous followers are getting ready for the new breakthroughs in space — for the first time ever man will fly beyond the lunar orbit, into deep space. Super heavy launch vehicle "SLS Block II" will send the crew of four aboard the Orion spacecraft to expand the limits of human reach, to rekindle humanity's pioneering spirit once again and to accomplish goals that no robotic probe can achieve.


This painting is a part of the “Way to ZERO-G” art project, created with my co-athour Alexey Mazur, mathematician, rocket engineer and 3D artist. Click here to see the “making of” it and explore the project!

Interior view

This painting was shown at the following exhibitions:

February 2018 — exhibition at the Novosibirsk Planetarium, Novosibirsk

November 2017 — exhibition Way to Zero-G at Planetarium №1, St. Petersburg

July–August 2017 — exhibition Way to Zero-G at the creative cluster ARTMUZA, St. Petersburg

April 2017 — exhibition Way to Zero-G dedicated to Cosmonautics Day at the Loft Project ETAGI, St. Petersburg