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"Buranodrome" 90х60cm $2500

Anastasiia Prosochkina

90х60 cm, acrylic on canvas

Do you like Energia-Buran program? O, I do. Powerful and brave, this project became one of the greatest USSR efforts in challenge between humans and gravity. So you understand why I carried this idea for a really long time, pretty much from the moment I started drawing in space theme. Here you see the panoramic view of the distant planet with the detailed Energia-Buran on the foreground. I think, it is getting prepared for the start. Three people on the left corner are watching it from the bottom. I prefer to think of them as a family. I don’t know if they’re space tourists or colonizers of this mystery planet. By the way, it's red, but it’s not Mars - this planet is floating in space far beyond the Solar System. Maybe it’s TRAPPIST-1 system? The red color symbolize the USSR. Closer to the horizon you see another Buran, launching into the sky, behind it - the domes of habitats. The third Вuran is on the right, i drew the moment after the boosters fell off. Also, if you watch closer, you can see that some stars are going up too. Those are not the stars but distant Burans lifting off! The whole cosmodrome of Energia-Buran.


Interior view

And a little insight from an artist: