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New Blog

Out of milk

Anastasiia Prosochkina


Amorphic  morning after all
While everything seems so unreal
This weird banality we live
Had never been so crystal clear

My mind is wide, my room's so small
I try to look through solid wall
But it turns to be a mirror
Through this mirror I see stars
Through those stars I fly to zero
Through my mind I ask dark glass:
Please update request for hero!

The universe won't response...

And it's dark
And it's black
Just like my coffee.

And I drink another one
Waiting bright stars to explode
Wondering how does it feel
If unexpected star is born

And my lamp starts to blend
And only if I am not blind
This universe from my wall
Goes right to my cap of coffee in my hand
...just another, straightforward, way to my head
And this wall is now just a copy
Of the one behind

And I do another gulp
Of this amazing galaxy
Thinking if meditation is overrated
Ponder over my own center of gravity
Completely devastated.

And I kill another cup
Of this black galaxy
Totally frustrated.

Today we are out of milk
And my coffee seems to be darker
And I feel our home like a shelter
It will be better.