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New Blog

My cradle of sunflowers

Anastasiia Prosochkina


Try to obtain self-confidence and blossom!
This ground's yellow pallet tragic and profound,
I need to be specifically awesome,
While I'm a man that's carefully bound -
Sort of reflection on the pure mount.
And metaphors  expand to cosmic round.

And now it's time to say thank you to huddle,
You see, I wanted just  my soul to state.
I lost concern, that's never been a trouble,
My interest was never blind in grade,
Against my will back to my rueful feelings...
Proclaim unholy everything they don't  contain!

And one advice for me to follow fast:
I strongly recommend myself to find a shelter,
And never try again to animate the past -
it has this simple-hearted and high-tony savour.
Gets up my nose  in between times,
I felt it, 
dancing in the stars, 
They tried to save me.
I hoist my white flag, fire primes.

I know this episode, I've already seen it,
The distant forest as a blue background,
And dandling by the waves of never happened sea,
In sentimental sweet sunflowers' cradle,
We are right here, on the foreground.

And birds traject me their signs in chirling,
They know my way to save this nonexistence feeling