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Anastasiia Prosochkina


Receding sun was tousling our clothes,
Caressing our skin.
You undistinguished face    was definitively gorgeous -
The focus of the everything I've ever seen.

Who 'd have thought!  Soon.. and I am standing,
Within invisible     but ponderable rain,
The same exactly spot,   my lips are trembling,
Looking for reason  in this thunder, blending to my pain.

Do you remember how we made a circle -
The simple, roundly ideal,  shape!
The only two of us, but it was perfect.
You were my goal, I was your lucky train, I was too late

I step again   old creepy rusty metals,
Familiar and vulnerable tracks,
They fouled memories... shells crunch and seaweed petals.
Don't  look about, never coming back.

I never had a thought, intoxicated,
That words can wound, squeezing off the light.
I always thought that words were overrated!
I stuck in them, ironically tight.

How are you, hunny, now? I bet, you ordinary gorgeous,
For one, with whom you lay, and play, and smile.
This one, is he your reason and your focus?
This kind of feeling, had it ever been your style?

And honestly, I'm not the one to chew the rag,
That was a time, and I do have my honor,
The eye of storm, my fight, my life, my heart,
Are not for you, I've never been a...