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I let my heart to go away

Anastasiia Prosochkina


I let my heart to go away, 
There wasn't any choice,
It disappeared outdoors,
I whispered - please, stay.

It didn't hear, little brat!
It had its games to play!
How did that happen that my heart
One day just went away?

It didn't hear, it was gone,
The day that came was grey.
How are you, heart? Do you have fun?
I had no strength to pray.

And my week started once again,
It wasn't truly bad,
There was still some stuff to gain
With or with no heart.

The week continued to a month
No judge for time, no blame -
Could write a book "I live in trance",
But never wanted fame

To go to work. To take a meal.
To spend time in hot shower.
Why should I cry, or try to feel?
My home became my tower.

And I am safe or used to it,
And learned my lines in play,
I am awake and on my feet,
My heart is still away

And maybe one day from the blue
It will return to me
With golden treasures or with flue,
In sorrow or with dream.

And maybe after years or more,
Whatever they will bring,
I will response to knocking door:
Hello, my heart, come in.