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New Blog

Fluffy visions

Anastasiia Prosochkina

img340 02.jpg

Hello!     I am alright,    There is no pain
In  frozen   heart    But look at me - 
there is a reason,
Why I do behave so dumb!
Deep inside is burning question
Of unbearable   suggestion
Maybe we should rearrange
conclusions we were fast to make…

chorus : 

Ooo please!
    Give me more
Than I miss,
     That was before
We hold a breath,
       Event that was
 Long time ago

           I need you kiss,
           Give me your kiss!!

Last time I saw you at the party,
I tried to catch all words you scattered,
Cause you talked
to everyone else    but me
And it’s hard to be polite
With all hopes we left behind
Please stop this shit!   I don’t understand
What’s going on   when you’re around.

Do you remember how was easy
To give up when we were busy
Deep in problems
Stuck in boring life routine!
But yesterday is not tomorrow
There is so much we have to borrow
I only ask: Please don’t pretend …  
that you are ok!      I know you too well!


And flashbacks of fluffy  visions
Hiding pity in decisions
Of recycling feelings
That   have been   in use.
I know you used to be alone
But take me from
my safe and sound corner
Now it’s time when we can finally be free in our love!