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1954's Jet

Anastasiia Prosochkina


It was long ago,

Your face was so close,
Eyelashes quivering...
You started  yelling at me, of course!
That I can shove my honor up my own ass,
But, my sweet baby, I loved you! Perhaps...

Hey, my face in dirty plate,
Don't you mind?
I got some cheap joint's ketchup
to smudge on you, mate,
Are you alright?
You look kinda lost, i'm afraid,
Kinda talking to your own plate.

In this juke we met,
Actually, I stopped  here to poo, my friend...
Never matter!
I was combustible in my desire!
You fueled your 1954's Jet,
However, you put ME on fire,
And yes, I am on fire!

You called me all names,
The last one was "a coward",
I had nothing to say, 
That was a bit funny to discover,
If to regard with detachment.
When did I fail?
So, you jumped your 1954's Jet,
To dash off
Uphill and down dale!

I observe this cloud
You left behind
Maybe it would be lovely to say
Something beautiful, like
"It looks pretty much like you", out loud,
If you don't mind...
Haha, but I lied!
It's just dirty and frenetic,
Such a delusion,
Dirty and distant, 
In an instant,
Baby, do you see my allusion?
I can be rather poetic.

Wait. Is it?..O yeah!  it's blissfully quiet around.
You were so rude,
That blowballs turned  into baldies!
That's not what ladies do!
Now, finally, peace to my eardrums is being found,
Baby, I am just a simple dude!
And luckily, you dropped me  like a hot potato,
And fucking vroomed,
As your 1954's Jet had an aircraft jato .