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My cradle of sunflowers

Anastasiia Prosochkina


Try to obtain self-confidence and blossom!
This ground's yellow pallet tragic and profound,
I need to be specifically awesome,
While I'm a man that's carefully bound -
Sort of reflection on the pure mount.
And metaphors  expand to cosmic round.

And now it's time to say thank you to huddle,
You see, I wanted just  my soul to state.
I lost concern, that's never been a trouble,
My interest was never blind in grade,
Against my will back to my rueful feelings...
Proclaim unholy everything they don't  contain!

And one advice for me to follow fast:
I strongly recommend myself to find a shelter,
And never try again to animate the past -
it has this simple-hearted and high-tony savour.
Gets up my nose  in between times,
I felt it, 
dancing in the stars, 
They tried to save me.
I hoist my white flag, fire primes.

I know this episode, I've already seen it,
The distant forest as a blue background,
And dandling by the waves of never happened sea,
In sentimental sweet sunflowers' cradle,
We are right here, on the foreground.

And birds traject me their signs in chirling,
They know my way to save this nonexistence feeling

Out of milk

Anastasiia Prosochkina


Amorphic  morning after all
While everything seems so unreal
This weird banality we live
Had never been so crystal clear

My mind is wide, my room's so small
I try to look through solid wall
But it turns to be a mirror
Through this mirror I see stars
Through those stars I fly to zero
Through my mind I ask dark glass:
Please update request for hero!

The universe won't response...

And it's dark
And it's black
Just like my coffee.

And I drink another one
Waiting bright stars to explode
Wondering how does it feel
If unexpected star is born

And my lamp starts to blend
And only if I am not blind
This universe from my wall
Goes right to my cap of coffee in my hand
...just another, straightforward, way to my head
And this wall is now just a copy
Of the one behind

And I do another gulp
Of this amazing galaxy
Thinking if meditation is overrated
Ponder over my own center of gravity
Completely devastated.

And I kill another cup
Of this black galaxy
Totally frustrated.

Today we are out of milk
And my coffee seems to be darker
And I feel our home like a shelter
It will be better.

Cyber anamnesis

Anastasiia Prosochkina

связь обл.jpg

In her tiny hand a window appears,
Filled by enmeshed dealers,
From cybernetic wisdom,
All over the places,
To oversee traces,
Dancing in parameters of the system.

Suddenly conjuncture changes,
To  temper  justice with mercy,
File directory spreads hard in front of weary faces,
Perforate into minds, refolding coarsely
She is far behind,
On the opposite site,
He is breathing hoarsely.

People are ready to fork out all their money,
Big numbers, not funny amounts.
Serious men, special name accounts.
Does she think - nothing never changes for the worse,
Is it only the phone message on the screen, or his soul in her purse,
Or even greater humiliation to reverse?

An output  discover, he's ultimately lost,
By rule and line he calculates the new direction
For his body , little crimes and huge affection...
As if there is a cryptic thing that costs,
Repairing the world  from smaller pieces,
Walking rickety on accumulated frosts,
He feverishly scroll his anamnesis.

Dumb  local meetings,
When he speaks quiet, no one ever listen,
Feels like treason,
He rumbles out and they hold  their ears,
The scheme is elegant and  based on souvenirs.

Plain LCD to visualize  a structure,
Tracking circuit silhouettes below,
She knows her brilliance, she feels the rapture
But something's wrong!
She figured out, they are not alone.

Dark place,
Chaotic pace,
Discreet operation fails
Her eyes. His state.
Running straight,
No airspace,
Short fight, and no more masks, embrace...
For enemies, this hug's too delicate.

His face. Too late.
They set off the alert.

Classified case.

Converted to a tiny dot,
He's looking at the iron door.
Shut deep in metal core
He has one thought
"The end of play"
He's wondering, if she were caught,
The camera eye slowly turns away.

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Your beauty is stronger

Anastasiia Prosochkina


You can’t be my friend. Your beauty is stronger.
Don’t listen to me, just go away.
There’re no butterflies
                  in my hollow stomach
And my heart is not aching this way

Just go far away. Your beauty is crazy!
I’m serious, woman. 
           I don’t care at all.
Let’s drift apart, a little bit lazy..
No words and no tears. 
           Don’t come back, 
                          never call!

That will never work, but you are still trying
      Don’t waste your time.
                       I don’t need it to spend.
You are so beautiful! And I am not iron!
Fate had a good laugh, 
                                  The end.

Сontinuous infinite

Anastasiia Prosochkina


I don’t want it to be finished in no way.
I dream it like continuous infinite,
In gentle hand I swear it to stay,
I just gave up attempt  to reach the limit.

I just don’t want it to be ended in no way.
Naught is stupid. Empty. Never matter.
Without needless “what for” to betray,
I wish to proceed fluently and flatter…

Poured out, failed to hold soul rivers,
Went off the handle… no repose.
And try to breath among  the  shivers
No sun, no freewill,  no “because”.

And time and time again deal visions,
My dream felt real, it’s so hard!
Dreams can tell… there is opinion.
This one was rubbish from the start.

Fluffy visions

Anastasiia Prosochkina

img340 02.jpg

Hello!     I am alright,    There is no pain
In  frozen   heart    But look at me - 
there is a reason,
Why I do behave so dumb!
Deep inside is burning question
Of unbearable   suggestion
Maybe we should rearrange
conclusions we were fast to make…

chorus : 

Ooo please!
    Give me more
Than I miss,
     That was before
We hold a breath,
       Event that was
 Long time ago

           I need you kiss,
           Give me your kiss!!

Last time I saw you at the party,
I tried to catch all words you scattered,
Cause you talked
to everyone else    but me
And it’s hard to be polite
With all hopes we left behind
Please stop this shit!   I don’t understand
What’s going on   when you’re around.

Do you remember how was easy
To give up when we were busy
Deep in problems
Stuck in boring life routine!
But yesterday is not tomorrow
There is so much we have to borrow
I only ask: Please don’t pretend …  
that you are ok!      I know you too well!


And flashbacks of fluffy  visions
Hiding pity in decisions
Of recycling feelings
That   have been   in use.
I know you used to be alone
But take me from
my safe and sound corner
Now it’s time when we can finally be free in our love!


Anastasiia Prosochkina


Prologue. Speak calm and without emotions:

O yes, I have seen it
I know what they mean
I want to forget that I’m in.


Eyes closed – was so easy
To live in the dream,
I opened this book
(didn’t expect!)
It so much to bring
Now time of pretending:
The game, I am in!
(an annoying defect!)
In The system of glory,
In The machine of sin!


They stitch world with wire,
Disconnection I feel!
My only desire –
To forget what I’ve seen!

O yes, I have seen it.
I know what they mean!
Now I think how to deal it…

Now I can read the signs
While I still inside,
But I know, all the time –
You are beside!
We’ve been running too fast
To the edge of the Earth,
But that wasn’t enough
To break up with all ghosts!

They still chase us, they chase us
I know they were born
From the page of society
In the book we have burnt!


They stitch world with wire,
Disconnection I feel!
My only desire –
To forget what I’ve seen!
O yes, I have seen it.
I know what they mean!
I don’t know how to deal it…

And time will come
The beast made of gears
Will reveal growing hunger
For our tears.
And no strength to resist,
And no strength to hold on
Your tiny fist…
My love, in this fight
Everyone at the end will be alone


They stitch world with wire,
Disconnection I feel!
My only desire –
To forget what I’ve seen!
O yes, I have seen it.
I know what they mean!
I don’t know how to deal it…


My only desire
To forget
That I’m in
Yes I’m still in
O my love,
Tell me please
Why am I still in?

Earth penetrating cosmic rodent

Anastasiia Prosochkina


It happens now - while slightly scared
I feel so sick of other people.
A need for you spears me... to fade
With a sudden nasty shiver,
Squeezes my heart and dries my mouth
In a sweet and yearning fever. 

But then I realize, 
That it was just a subway train -
Earth penetrating cosmic rodent,
Deep under my house, 
And everything is ok again.
I just misunderstood this short-lived moment.

I let my heart to go away

Anastasiia Prosochkina


I let my heart to go away, 
There wasn't any choice,
It disappeared outdoors,
I whispered - please, stay.

It didn't hear, little brat!
It had its games to play!
How did that happen that my heart
One day just went away?

It didn't hear, it was gone,
The day that came was grey.
How are you, heart? Do you have fun?
I had no strength to pray.

And my week started once again,
It wasn't truly bad,
There was still some stuff to gain
With or with no heart.

The week continued to a month
No judge for time, no blame -
Could write a book "I live in trance",
But never wanted fame

To go to work. To take a meal.
To spend time in hot shower.
Why should I cry, or try to feel?
My home became my tower.

And I am safe or used to it,
And learned my lines in play,
I am awake and on my feet,
My heart is still away

And maybe one day from the blue
It will return to me
With golden treasures or with flue,
In sorrow or with dream.

And maybe after years or more,
Whatever they will bring,
I will response to knocking door:
Hello, my heart, come in.


Anastasiia Prosochkina


Receding sun was tousling our clothes,
Caressing our skin.
You undistinguished face    was definitively gorgeous -
The focus of the everything I've ever seen.

Who 'd have thought!  Soon.. and I am standing,
Within invisible     but ponderable rain,
The same exactly spot,   my lips are trembling,
Looking for reason  in this thunder, blending to my pain.

Do you remember how we made a circle -
The simple, roundly ideal,  shape!
The only two of us, but it was perfect.
You were my goal, I was your lucky train, I was too late

I step again   old creepy rusty metals,
Familiar and vulnerable tracks,
They fouled memories... shells crunch and seaweed petals.
Don't  look about, never coming back.

I never had a thought, intoxicated,
That words can wound, squeezing off the light.
I always thought that words were overrated!
I stuck in them, ironically tight.

How are you, hunny, now? I bet, you ordinary gorgeous,
For one, with whom you lay, and play, and smile.
This one, is he your reason and your focus?
This kind of feeling, had it ever been your style?

And honestly, I'm not the one to chew the rag,
That was a time, and I do have my honor,
The eye of storm, my fight, my life, my heart,
Are not for you, I've never been a...

1954's Jet

Anastasiia Prosochkina


It was long ago,

Your face was so close,
Eyelashes quivering...
You started  yelling at me, of course!
That I can shove my honor up my own ass,
But, my sweet baby, I loved you! Perhaps...

Hey, my face in dirty plate,
Don't you mind?
I got some cheap joint's ketchup
to smudge on you, mate,
Are you alright?
You look kinda lost, i'm afraid,
Kinda talking to your own plate.

In this juke we met,
Actually, I stopped  here to poo, my friend...
Never matter!
I was combustible in my desire!
You fueled your 1954's Jet,
However, you put ME on fire,
And yes, I am on fire!

You called me all names,
The last one was "a coward",
I had nothing to say, 
That was a bit funny to discover,
If to regard with detachment.
When did I fail?
So, you jumped your 1954's Jet,
To dash off
Uphill and down dale!

I observe this cloud
You left behind
Maybe it would be lovely to say
Something beautiful, like
"It looks pretty much like you", out loud,
If you don't mind...
Haha, but I lied!
It's just dirty and frenetic,
Such a delusion,
Dirty and distant, 
In an instant,
Baby, do you see my allusion?
I can be rather poetic.

Wait. Is it?..O yeah!  it's blissfully quiet around.
You were so rude,
That blowballs turned  into baldies!
That's not what ladies do!
Now, finally, peace to my eardrums is being found,
Baby, I am just a simple dude!
And luckily, you dropped me  like a hot potato,
And fucking vroomed,
As your 1954's Jet had an aircraft jato .

Exhibition in the Moscow Space museum 7 August — 28 October (2018)

Anastasiia Prosochkina

Dear friends! From now on and till the end of October you can see few of my paintings in the Moscow Space museum. I am very happy to take a part in the exhibition project "Outside the Earth?" from the cycle "Space in Art".

Me in front of my paintings at the museum. Photo from the exhibition opening.


How to see the exhibition?

Please visit in the museum working hours:

 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun: 10 AM — 7 PM. Thu, Sat: 10 AM — 9 PM.

Adress: the Museum of Cosmonautics, 111 Prospekt Mira, VDNKh subway station, Moscow, Russia

Three of my paintings are exhibited: "Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species", "The Door is Open" and "The Dreamer from Kaluga". 

"Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species" is a time-travelling storytelling painting - on the left of the painting is the beginning of the Mars colonization when on the right is the terraforming of the whole planet. "The Door is Open" is the symbolic painting inspired by Stanley Kubrick's "Space Odyssey". "The Dreamer from Kaluga" is my favourite painting, and many people ask if i sell it. The answer is still "No", but you can visit it in the museum and enjoy this story about Tsiolkovskiy there.

Other photos from the exhibition opening:


Anastasiia Prosochkina

Today we opened my exhibition in the Novosibirsk Planetarium - nice educational center on the hill with the great view to the city. With my irreplaceable art-director on the photo.  12 paintings will be here until August; after that there will be 9 paintings, as 3 will be moved to another exhibition.


12 paintings

Visit in working hours to explore my art and maybe to learn something from the planetarium events :)


One of the paintings you can see there. Yes, it's about Mars colonization!

As you can see, the opening went well! Talked a bit about every painting after the opening speach. Also had a small autograph session.

Also, I was invited to the local radio "Radio 54" and had fun chatted about my art and that we should all love space.


Speach under the dome

Gave a lecture for kids about "the making of" of the paintings


Anastasiia Prosochkina

Thank you all for support of our crowdfunding - we printed more than 1300 copies of the calendar! Hope you'll enjoy it during this year, and let's make the new great calendar also the next year.


The celebration of the 60th anniversary of the space age in Kremlin palace (October, 4th)

Anastasiia Prosochkina

"Do you see this man? He's the one, who's the chief of all the scientific missions in our Solar Sistem!" That's how i've become acquainted with James Green, director of Planetary Science for NASA! 


He's the one on the right side of the pic; Valentine Uvarov is on the left, and he's also the one who invited me to the celebration of the 60-th aniversery of the Space age in Kremlin palace. Thanks a lot, dear Valentine, for this magic opportunity and meetengs with great awesome people!

Начало космической эры мал.jpg


My painting "The begining of the Space era" 


Anastasiia Prosochkina

Space & Engineering art project by Anastasia Prosochkina & Aleksey Mazur


Dreamy Martian projects and plans for the exploration of deep space with future super heavy lift rockets; reusable rocket stages that are landing with a phenomenal accuracy; imminent competition of private space companies; suborbital tourism — it’s all here in our stellar cocktail of high-tech romance!  

Anastasiya Prosochkina - Architect, artist, promoter of space exploration. Winner of various international drawing contests,  participant of exhibitions in Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Russia.

Aleksey Mazur - Bachelor of applied mathematics, flight dynamics engineer, promoter of space exploration, 3D Artist.  


Falcon has landed!

The sophisticated algorithms of automatic control do not appear in the vehicle on their own. No matter how smart the rocket’s software is, it can only reflect the skill and talent of those who created it and the ingenuity of human mind. This painting is a tribute to all people who dare to implement challenging technical ideas no matter what.

Propulsion, avionics, flight dynamics, software, operations engineers and many others come together to the SpaceX launch control center and watch with almost childlike joy how their creation soars into space, works in space and then returns to the Earth with a phenomenal accuracy.

(53x80 cm, acrylic on canvas)


The making of

O my, this GIF is fast!


Orion. Beyond the lunar orbit.

2035. Souls of the space conquerors of the past century are standing near the descent stage of the Apollo Lunar Module and observing how their courageous followers are getting ready for the new breakthroughs in space — for the first time ever man will fly beyond the lunar orbit, into deep space. Super heavy launch vehicle "SLS Block II" will send the crew of four aboard the Orion spacecraft to expand the limits of human reach, to rekindle humanity's pioneering spirit once again and to accomplish goals that no robotic probe can achieve.

(101x55 cm, acrylic on canvas)



Of course I still love U

The first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket separates and begins its journey back home. Speed is more than two thousand meters per second, altitude is more than 150 kilometers. The stage makes a flip maneuver and prepares for the boostback phase. Carefully calculated burns slow down the vehicle and guide it to the drone ship in the illimitable ocean.Powerful thermal and aerodynamic load stress. Materials are working at the edge of its performance capabilities. High-precision control system is operating with the grid fins and cold gas thrusters to overcome disturbances. Suicide burn! The central engine ignites at the last moment, levels the stage under drone ship, the landing gears deploy and — perfect landing!

Of course I still love you. Beautiful story of technology and romance.

(75x105 cm, acrylic on canvas)


The making of


Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species

Thoughts of manned flight to the Mars have been taking people’s minds a long time ago, but only recently humanity has begun to make efforts and invest heavily in thoughtful development of these projects.

We started from small space probes and eventually evolved to the heavy robotic rovers that are creating the foundation for a manned mission. That is why in the very near future humanity will be able to land on Mars and establish there a colony. Who knows, maybe it will be SpaceX with their Interplanetary Transport System project, who will make one of the first steps for making humans a multiplanetary species, turn Mars into another green planet, into our new home — this is the sequence we have illustrated.

(112x51 cm, acrylic on canvas)

The making of


O'Neill cylinder

O'Neill cylinder

Colony in space invented by Gerard K. O'Neill. The large space station consists of two counter-rotating cylinders which provide artificial gravity. The people of the future will comfortably live, work and rest there. There will be a place for the entertainment activities that had never been known before, like flying in a low-g zone by using just muscle power. Imagine you are a bird, soaring over your space home!

(87x75 cm, acrylic on canvas)


Blue Origin: New Glenn

Blue Origin New Glenn

Blue Origin moves rapidly from the small suborbital rocket New Shepard to development of a large launch vehicle New Glenn with a payload about 40 metric tons. Reusable first stage, advanced methane rocket engines, landing on the ship in the ocean — this rockets will be the very embodiment of all the latest advances in rocket technology!

Blue Origin prepares to become a major player of private commercial space: from orbital constellations comprised of hundreds of small satellites  to sending cargoes to the Moon.

(78x82 cm, acrylic on canvas)


Virgin Galactic

Interesting approach to the concept of a suborbital tourism. Unique spacecraft SpaceShipTwo separates from twin-fuselage mother ship WhiteKnightTwo, takes run by the rocket engine in the back and reaches space. There, at altitude more than 100 km,  lucky passengers can enjoy zero-g and watch a mind-blowing view of home planet for several minutes. Then spaceship makes a soft re-entry and come back to the one of the most beautifully designed spaceports — Spaceport of America.

Despite its turbulent history, the project keeps going. Extravagant Richard Branson is confident about success!

(49x90 cm, acrylic on canvas)

Buy posters (and other stuff :) online

My dear friends! People were asking for posters, so we finally launched a little online store. There’re many options: you can buy posters with our paintings, cases for phones and tablets, even a T-shirt or a dress with a rocket! Just choose a piece, and you can see all the options for a particular image. Please visit the website, it would be our pleasure if you find something you like. :)

Other photos of the project