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Anastasia Prosochkina is St. Petersburg based artist, inspired by the aerospace. Promoter of space exploration. Winner of various international drawing contests,  participant of exhibitions in Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Russia. In 2016 she wrote to the cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin, looking for inspiration. He showed her the Cosmonaut training center and that meeting inspired her a lot. Next year Alexander brought her drawing to the International Space Station!  Anastasia  has been working in this theme for three years and created more than thirty romantic paintings about space exploration. Her paintings have being axhibited in planetariums and space museums, customers from space industry ofthen purchase her art.


Drawing is my passion, it’s what I do for living and it’s my way to communicate with the world. I got my diploma in Architecture not because I wanted to construct buildings but because architecture teaches you to look at things at different angles.  

Thanks to my architectural background, I managed to reflect the formation of various space programs by integrating schemes and technical drawings into the canvases. It is pleasure to hear from other people that my paintings motivated them to look into space science. Some people tell me paintings inspire to believe in our future as a mankind.

My paintings imply message that every goal is approachable — space is the distant aim, but everything is possible if you work on it!




August–October 2018 — exhibition in the Moscow Space Museum, Moscow

February 2018 — exhibition at the Novosibirsk Planetarium, Novosibirsk

December 2017 —successful crowdfunding for "Space Calendar 2018" (with Anastasia's paintings and design), 1500 printed copies

November 2017 — exhibition Way to Zero-G at Planetarium №1, St. Petersburg

July–August 2017 — exhibition Way to Zero-G (Way to Zero-G series, series about Soviet astronautics, and graphics) at the creative cluster ARTMUZA, St. Petersburg

April 2017 — exhibition Way to Zero-G dedicated to Cosmonautics Day at the Loft Project ETAGI, St. Petersburg

March 2017 — exhibition at the II international forum of commercial space industry INSPACE FORUM 2017, Moscow

September–October 2016 — exhibition of sketches and paintings in the Information Centre for Nuclear Energy, St. Petersburg

July 2016Starcon-2016, exhibition of sketches from the Summer Space School, St. Petersburg

June 2016 — participation in the Summer Space School, Moscow

May 2016–Mart 2017 — exhibition in The Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (GCTC), Star City, Moscow

April 2016 — exhibition in The Cosmonaut Museum, Star City, Moscow (Cosmonautics Day celebration, exhibited with paintings of the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov)

October 2014 — special diploma from Federal State Budget Institution «Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences», for «The best graduation project in the field of the theory of the architecture», international review-competition of the best graduation projects in Architecture and Design, Baku, Azerbaijan

October 2014 — 1st-degree diploma from MOOSAO (international non-governmental organization promoting architectural education), international review-competition of the best graduation projects in Architecture and Design, Baku, Azerbaijan

June 2014 — Charcoal video, international video art festival Pop Up Kino, Berlin

February 2014 — participation in Spanish web video art project, cartoon Charcoal

2013-2014 — scholarship grant by Russian Federation Government

June 2013 — sketch contribution to the Future Europe publication — BA-Thesis of Reinhard Schmidt (Pforzheim University, Department of Design, Germany, 2013)

Summer 2013 — reality show for artists and designers in Ufa (Interior project)

December 2012 — Amsterdam Showcase, the series of works Lux in Tenebris

October 2012 — exhibition in Berlin, Factory-Art Gallery (2012 PROJECT BERLIN, the line of works Shadows

August 2012 — My Corner installation (the International Summer Academy, Salzburg, Austria; awarded with grant by Kultur Contact Austria)

April 2012 — 1st-degree certificate on the VI International Architectural Drawing Competition in Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts (Tempus Nemini work, ball-point pen)